Mimax Illuminates Your World and Refreshes Your Space


Mimax, a specialist in home solutions, has launched its eagerly awaited catalogs of lighting and ceiling fans. The brand has successfully merged contemporary elegance with the latest technology, promising not only to illuminate spaces but also to refresh them with a touch of unique style.

Bright Lighting, Dazzling Style:
Mimax’s theLIGHTS24 catalog is a delight for the senses. From ceiling lamps that evoke the serenity of the moon to floor lamps that bring any corner to life, Mimax has created a collection that goes beyond mere functionality. Each piece is a masterpiece that seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with excellence in lighting. Customers can expect to find options that suit every style of decoration, from minimalist to extravagant.

theFANS.24, Elegance that Refreshes:
Mimax’s ceiling fans are much more than devices to combat heat; they are central pieces that transform any room into an oasis of freshness and style. The new collection offers a diverse range of designs, from timeless classics to avant-garde contemporaries. Furthermore, cutting-edge technology ensures efficient and silent performance, taking comfort to new levels without compromising aesthetics.

Priority: Customer Experience:
What truly sets Mimax apart is its unwavering commitment to the customer experience. Every element in the catalogs has been carefully selected to meet the highest standards of quality, durability, and aesthetics. The brand not only provides products but solutions that enhance the daily lives of its customers.

Mimax aims to be your partner in creating exceptional spaces infused with soul.

It’s more than a simple product launch; it’s an invitation to discover the art of living with style and comfort.

Great news!


Great news! Mimax celebrates that 25.000 families throughout Europe are already enjoying their Calima fan! This retractable-blade fan is a leader in its segment, offering the best quality and features in the market. We are delighted that so many customers have trusted our product!

Since its launch, the Mimax Calima fan has been very popular among consumers looking for an effective and high-quality solution to stay cool during the hot summer days. Mimax’s exclusive retractable-blade technology offers greater energy efficiency and superior performance, resulting in greater energy savings and a lower environmental impact.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we are proud that our product has exceeded the expectations of so many families throughout Europe. We are committed to continuing to innovate and improve our products to meet the needs of our customers.

We thank all the customers who have trusted our product and hope to continue being their preferred brand of quality fans in the future. Let’s celebrate together this great news!

New theLIGHTS_23

1 x E27 60W max.
Hierro | Iron
Gris + perla | Pearl + grey


Introducing theLIGHTS23. Our new collection is a compendium of all the decorative styles that can be applied to your lighting project.

From classic designs to revolutionary designs, designed for all spaces: ceilings, tables, floors, walls… to provide the space with good light and art, because in the end, decorative lighting is applied art, and we love that it is so. because we can let your imagination run wild to decorate by illuminating and illuminate by decorating.


QUANTIKA 2 | 5 x E14 40W max. | Aluminio dorado | Golden aluminium
Cristal cuántico | Quantum crystal

New catalogs 2022


At a time when the world seems weirder than ever, Mimax does not stop and is committed to renewing our offer even more.

More products than ever, more new designs, more quality, more service, more stock and more price containment despite the complicated global situation due to lack of raw materials and exaggerated transport prices.

The new TheLightingFans22 and Decore22 catalogs are at your disposal. We are sure that they will be to your liking!

Mimax presents the new Pedraforca and Accurity series


The linear, versatile, minimalist, functional and decorative concept of these 2 new series is unequivocally evident. The 2 series achieve an excellent size (150cm wide), perfect for different spaces (islands, dining tables, open spaces…) and at the same time a feeling of depth achieved with the texture of the lamps themselves.

Available in matte black and matte gold finish, they add a touch of elegance, distinction and 21st century decoration to the spaces where they are located.

The versatility of the Accurity series, on the other hand, is characterized by the different mounting options that the lamp offers, giving life to the space where it is installed.

TLF21 is born from a commitment to prestigious designers


TLF21 was born from the commitment with prestigious designers such as Susanne Uerlings or Ezio Pescatori. Numerous new innovative designs for their aesthetics and functionality. We give spaces a soul, whether residential or public, and that soul is provided by the personality of the new designs, both with our modern lamps and our high-end ceiling fans.

TLF21. Because we are Lighting Fans.

We start collaboration with Susanne Uerlings


Mimax proudly announces that we have been collaborating for a few months with Susanne Uerlings in the design and manufacture of new products for our 2021/22 catalog that will be ready at the end of April.

Susanne was the winner of the prestigious German Design Award 2020 and it is a pleasure for us to have her input in our new designs that as soon as they are available we will be happy to show them.

Introducing Advance.21


Exciting news for 2021. As always with the Mimax gear:
Shape: pay particular attention to the design, which must be fresh, new and unmistakably beautiful.

It worked: the fixtures have illuminated correctly and efficiently.
Moderation to the price Always!
Service: all reliable and solid stocks.

In the new ventilation department, highlight the new and very interesting hybrid ceiling fan/Coriolis fan, recommended above all for rooms on the lit.

Compact, minimalist and effective design endowed with remote control and also an APP available for IOS and Android to control the fan, and all its six features, from the mobile, including the selection of color temperature, because here it is dotat from 2700k fins to 6500k.

Mimax is firmly committed to technical lighting


Mimax is firmly committed to technical lighting, focused on the contract, whether in commercial spaces, offices or the horeca channel. A complete catalog with a quality clearly located in the high segment and products with a 5-year guarantee. Light efficiency, high yields and very good finishes. And all this, with the usual moderate price of the Mimax label.

New designs for Ezio Pescatori’s Mimax


The fans, equipped with D/C motors, are presented in white and silver finishes, both with transparent blades, which gives them a novel and very modern appearance.

The Led lighting, adjustable from 2700k to 6500k, is efficient, functional and aesthetic.

The fans feature a timer, winter / summer function, speed control and are extremely quiet. With the recognizable Mimax seal and the minimalist, aesthetic and functional design of Ezio Pescatori, renowned Italian designer in the decoration sector. Immediately available for your home or public space!

Light & Building Frankfurt 2020


Light & Building Frankfurt 2020 postpuesta hasta Septiembre debido a la alarma internacional por el Covid-19.

Visítenos en el HAll 6.0 Stand C46 donde podrá ver todas nuestras nuevas apuestas en diseño y funcionalidad.



We are fans. We are light. And we are fans of light.

Much more than a play on words.
TheLightingFans is the result of years of interaction with design, functionality and decoration. Products designed by our prestigious team of Designers, designed to decorate spaces while fulfilling their functionality, whether it is efficiently lighting or ventilating a room.



We are fans. We are light. And we are fans of light.

Much more than a play on words.
TheLightingFans is the result of years of interaction with design, functionality and decoration. Products designed by our prestigious team of Designers, designed to decorate spaces while fulfilling their functionality, whether it is efficiently lighting or ventilating a room.



Decore.19 is a way of understanding light, understanding it as something functional but also aesthetic. Generating beauty and decorating is our vocation, generating it by illuminating our trade.

Mimax launches its latest range


FANS is the result of an illusion. Introduce to the market a truly efficient range of ventilation with higher performance in air flow per minute than existing products on the market, incorporating adjustable LED lighting in 2700K-6500K color temperature to satisfy all geographical areas and combine it with reasonable prices. very attractive to our customers.

New Led-Decore.19 catalog already available


Mimax presents its new catalog Led-Decore.19 to the market. The novelty this year has been the incorporation of highly prestigious designers such as Ezio Pescatori, Francesco Sani or iseecows Studio who have collaborated intensively in the design of many of the new products that the catalog includes.

The products are available in stock and follow the strict quality and design standards that our brand demands.

New Logo and corporate image


In anticipation of Mimax’s tenth anniversary celebration next November, we are pleased to present our new logo, which will also serve as a reference for our new corporate image and new communication.

It is a fresh and modern design that maintains the essence of the first day and faces our present and future with optimism and determination. Designed in collaboration with iseecows studio, the new logo is already part of the Mimax family.

Mimax launches its new catalogue Decore 2018


Mimax launches its new Decore 2018 catalog with 1,600 decorative lighting references for both interiors and exteriors. A massive collection available to our customers with the good quality and moderate price that characterize our Decore range.

Advance.18 is already available.


Ya está disponible el nuevo catálogo Advance.18. Se trata de un avance con grandes productos y nuevos diseños innovadores del catálogo Led-Decore.18 que verá la luz en Junio de este año. Los productos están ya disponibles con servicio de entrega inmediato.

Mimax has won the best product…


Mimax wins the award for best product at the Light Fair, held in Philadelphia in May 2017. Archilux is an exquisitely designed architectural table lamp with Led lighting, which allows you to select cold or warm light, going through the entire available spectrum, regulate the light to the desired intensity or use different pre-established programs, all through Touch-Control. Archilux is built with a single block of aluminum, without any type of welding.

Led-Decore .17 catalogue available now


Time belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. And our time has come, we offer you our new Led-Decore .17 catalogue, a wide selection of the best decorative lighting in Led, with the stamp of prestigious international designers, and all with the quality, design, price and service that we expect. characterize.

International Fairs


Great success for Mimax Lighting in its participation in the Light & Building 2016 fair held in Frankfurt from March 13-18. The company’s stand has been visited by numerous clients from the 5 continents who have been able to personally see the latest innovations presented at the Fair and which have been received by clients with very good feelings. We thank our collaborators and clients for their time.